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Help A Little, Live A Lot

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Looking to volunteer and experience a little Pura Vida?
Come and volunteer at Veronica’s Place.
Are you handy with the internet and social media? Do you love marketing and branding?
Speak languages, general maintenance or other any special skills you may have. In exchange, stay with us in Puerto Viejo. Want to know more, email us and let’s talk!

We need individuals who are able to increase our visibility, letting more people know about what we´re doing. We wish to market to people who are interested in learning the culture. Who wish to find the balance between the mental, physical, and spiritual. This will generally involve searching for available venues with which we might advertise, and thinking of new ways to get our ideas out there.

We’ll need your help to check guests in and out, answer emails, make reservations, and basically help us manage the property. In any downtime, there are always projects involving construction, painting, gardening…

We offer: For 5 hours of work a day and 6 days a week. Saturday off!!, you will have a private room and shared bathroom and kitchen.

Our volunteer positions are required to commit for one month. However, we prefer to start off with volunteers with a one-week trial period to assess how well we fit together. We don´t like to commit to long-term arrangements without getting to know you first, so that in case your expectations are not met or this is not what you expected, there is some flexibility. Of course, if you have a good heart and are a hard worker, it is very likely that it would work out with us!

If you have any special skills or creativity that you can or would like to share with us, you are more than welcome.

*We are sorry but we do not have space
to accommodate a family or a couple.
*We will answer all e-mails as soon as possible! Thanks!
In addition, you will be invited to many of our family and community events, and learn about our healthy, Caribbean lifestyle!
• Help with computers / internet
• Art projects
• Language practice
• Help in the house
• Help with Eco projects
• Farming
• General Maintenance
• Building
• Gardening
• Any other special skills you have, let us know!
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