Feel & Taste the Wildlife!

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For thousands of years this was a well kept secret of the local Indian tribes, rumor has it that many searched for, but never found it; we will lead you to it without getting lost. As we walk the well marked trails of this jungle you will see why it would be so hard for an outsider to find this water paradise. It is the best water massage available in this part of the country. You will see a wide variety of plants and flowers along the trail. You may see our always present monkeys, sloths, and many of our native birds, not to mention the red frog and green frogs. On occasion you will see what we call, in Spanish the “serpiente”, AKA, the snake. There is a naturally occurring waterpark where you can swim, jump, and just have fun while relaxing in our jungle paradise, located in the Bribris Indian Reserve.

You will then have the rare opportunity to see a chocolate farm operated by a local Indian woman. We will see the cocoa plant and how real chocolate is made and sometimes used in different spices. You may also hear stories of Indian folklore and how things were in times past. You will have the opportunity to buy souvenirs, a variety of real chocolate bars, chocolate beans and chocolate powder. They also offer Noni juice, Coconut lotion and many more items prepared locally by the Bribris.

The price is $55 USD per person.
(more than 6 people, $45 USD per person)

Pick up, a local guide and snack included.

*Spanish and English is spoken here.  |  Aqui se habla Español e Inglés. 
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Cancellation Policy:
– If you give more than 30 days of notification there is no fee
– 15-30 days before you will be charged 25% of the total cost
– 8-14 days before you will be charged 50% of the total cost
– Less than 7 days notice you will be charged the full amount unless we find someone else to reserve your space
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