Let’s Walk & Grab A Bite To Eat

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This tour provides a wonderful opportunity to experience the Afro-Caribbean culture in Costa Rica.  Our goal is to educate visitors on some of our traditions, land, and cuisine, all of which are gradually becoming harder to preserve.


About the tour
Delroy will take you to his organic farm where you will see all the different types of plants and trees that have been conserved from generation to generation. You can learn more about them and their traditional uses, such as material for building houses or boats, ingredients for medicinal products, and of course for food.  There are many animals that are often seen on the farm, including sloths, green frogs, toucans, monkeys, centipedes and millipedes, and wasps (and their beautiful nests!)  The tour will include a walk to collect plants that Delroy´s wife Veronica will show you how to make traditional medicine with.

About Delroy, your tour guide
Delroy´s grandparents emigrated from Jamaica over 100 years ago and became one of the first families from Jamaica to settle in Costa Rica.  Delroy´s organic farm has been passed down to him from previous generations, and it has also helped keep his family intact over the years.  It is organic, ecological and sustainable.  While many people in the area have destroyed or sold their farms to other people, Delroy is trying hard to conserve the knowledge his family has acquired over many years, and pass on this information to others in the community.  The fruits and vegetables from Delroy´s organic farm also serve to sustain his family and Veronicas Place home stay (Cabins).


Tour details
This tour includes:

Pick up at your hotel at approximately 8am

The tour lost about 4 hours

Lunch provided to you at Veronica´s Place  home stay (Cabins)

You are back at your hotel around 1pm.

The tour costs $66 per person,

which includes snack & lunch (minimum 2 people)

*Spanish and English is spoken here.  |  Aqui se habla Español e Inglés.
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