Detox Your Mind + Body

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Travel with a purpose to Veronica’s Place to promote healthy living in Puerto Viejo de Limón, Costa Rica!

You are invited to come to beautiful Puerto Viejo and stay in our welcoming accommodations for 5 days and 4 nights – Caribbean vegan style! We are 150 yards from the beach, in downtown Puerto Viejo.


Day 1

A walk through the streets of our beautiful town where you can discover the most important places in our peoples history.

Day 2

After preparing breakfast together we will take an eco-tour of our organic family farm where you will learn about the history, traditions, and conservation of the African culture, including a workshop teaching the traditional uses of medicinal plants and trees. We end the tour with an afro-caribbean lunch at Veronica´s house.

You can also see a wide variety of flora and fauna typical of the region.

Day 3

Educational course in Caribbean cuisine where we all cook together and end with a beautiful family-style dinner buffet.You´ll be amazed at your skills…

Day 4

We will take a chocolate tour of the indigenous communities of Puerto Viejo.

Day 5:

Tours of the beach on our bikes then enjoy a picnic on the sand.


Our mission is to promote family, health, and culture!

If you want to experience a home away from home then this is your chance with Veronica and her family!

Package Cost- $384 includes: Budget accommodation with shared bathroom (upgrades may be available upon request), breakfast, educational and recreational activities, transportation to activities. The 5 day package starts on Mondays.


*Spanish and English is spoken here.  |  Aqui se habla Español e Inglés. 
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Cancellation Policy:
– If you give more than 30 days of notification there is no fee
– 15-30 days before you will be charged 25% of the total cost
– 8-14 days before you will be charged 50% of the total cost
– Less than 7 days notice you will be charged the full amount unless we find someone else to reserve your space
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